Industry Expertise

  • We have dedicated in-house experts with direct hands-on professional working experience in the oil & gas, power, infrastructure and real estate sectors, as well as extensive familiarity with the provision of services to Clients in these sectors.
  • These sectors are of course inextricably interlinked in numerous ways. As such, our holistic viewpoint proves to be invaluable when evaluating projects and initiatives, providing Advisory and Consulting Services, arranging Financing, and/or identifying and screening partners for Clients whose businesses cover one or more of these sectors.

Multi-Disciplinary Technical Expertise

  • In addition to industry expertise, our team possesses technical expertise across the range of disciplines and functional areas required to initiate and drive projects in those sectors through to completion, as well as to provide value-added Advisory & Consulting services.
  • Legal: Broad legal expertise, including in Structuring, Evaluating and Negotiating complex Transaction, Project and Financing Agreements, as well as the full array of Commercial and Partnership Arrangements.
  • Economic expertise: including Economic Modeling and Trend Forecasting.
  • Risk Management: expertise across the range of Transaction, Project, Corporate, Regulatory & Legal, Financial, Market and Operational Risks.
  • Trading: deep experience of trading and structuring in global Commodity, Fixed Income, Currency, Equity and related Derivative markets.
  • Finance & Accounting: including establishing or strengthening Reporting, Control and Monitoring mechanisms; Payment and Disbursement structures, and Financial Flow Architecture.
  • Systems & Processes: wide experience with evaluating, strengthening and updating systems, processes and procedures, including SOP, IT and MIS, and governance structures and systems.
  • Management: extensive direct senior management experience in the public and private sectors- including overall leadership and strategy development; employee career and skills development; performance motivation and evaluation; communications; team-building, and cross-departmental collaboration and project execution.

Partner Assessment

  • Our firm has broad experience and working relationships with, and knowledge of: the full range of local and international professional service firms and specialist providers; and a deep network of current and retired senior managers, board members and public servants.
  • This means that we are extremely well placed to assist in selecting and recommending third parties to work with as and when applicable. The choice of third party service providers and partners is key, as they have differing levels of expertise and experience.
  • Our knowledge of and relationships with the universe of potential service providers and partners allows us to assemble the right combination of third parties (if and when required by Clients) on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specifics of the situation: thus increasing the probability of successful outcomes, and preventing mistakes which could be avoided if the right parties were involved.

Longstanding Public And Private Sector Experience

  • The team at Alpine is led by individuals who collectively have been involved at all levels of the public and private sectors over the last 40 years, dating back to the 1970s. The value of collective experience is often underestimated.
  • This invaluable experience means that we have a deep knowledge of how policy, regulatory and macroeconomic conditions have evolved in the past, a sense of how they are playing out in the present, and how they are likely to progress - and what the resulting implications for current and future projects and initiatives of our Clients are likely to be.
  • All of the above give Alpine a fundamental, data and experience- backed understanding of the pulse of today‚Äôs business and economic landscape.
  • This allows us to provide our Clients with the best advice and support to optimize transactions, projects, financings and/or partnerships, and to identify and mitigate the associated risks.